Societe Retinol Refinishing Complex




PM  Skin Type: Good for all skin types.                                         Retinol = to .50%
With PRT™ (Pigment Regulating Technology)

A skin treatment formula designed to aid in the retexturizing of skin through the benefits of retinol & alpha hydroxy acids. Also contains Pigment Regulating Technology (PRT)™ a patent pending delivery system.

Directions: Should be used in the evening. Apply 1 pump and spread evenly over the entire face. Can also be applied to the neck, chest and hands. For enhanced activity, and for more tolerant skin types, it may be used twice daily in the evening (as instructed) and in the morning prior to SPF application.

– Works with a triple active approach:
1. By accelerating the cell turnover of epidermal keratinocytes, our unique retinol formula promotes a decrease in the melananosome transfer to the keratinocytes leading to a more uniform distribution of melanin.

2. The Bioactive Base increases melanosome dispersion in melanocytes. This results in the reduction of the appearance of hyper-pigmented areas.

3. The melanin inhibiting synthesis qualities of the catechin ECGC in our green tea formula, as well as the anti-inflammatory aspect on the melanocyte, further assist in regulating pigment production.


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